Work & Staircase Platform
TP2 Plus
The innovative solution for working in staircases and on almost any uneven surfaces. Suitable for professional use.

$239.99* $279.99*
Aluminium safety household ladder
L100 TopLine
The aluminium safety stepladder with multipurpose tray, safety rail, platform locking mechanism and XXL steps.

$249.99* $259.99*
A Hailo TP1 stairs platform is standing on a staircase
Stairs platform
The safe and innovative solution for renovating and decorating in stairwells.

$155.99* $179.99*
A Hailo Big-Box Swing XL waste bin is standing in a kitchen
Spacious waste box
Big-Box Swing XL
Capacious waste box with automatically closing "swing" lid.

$89.99* $99.99*

We’ve been setting standards since 1947

For over 75 years, HAILO has been setting industry standards with our innovative range of home equipment. Since then, HAILO’s ladders and bins have become the go-to products for professional artisans, DIY fanatics, and proud homeowners alike. We’re proud to say that HAILO products are now available in over 60 countries worldwide.


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HAILO L100 TopLine
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Aluminium safety household ladders
4 - 8 steps
HAILO L100 TopLine

$249.99* $259.99*
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Stairs platform

$155.99* $179.99*
HAILO TP2 Plus  Work  & Staircase Platform
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2-in-1: Stair platform or work platform
HAILO TP2 Plus Work & Staircase Platform

$239.99* $279.99*
HAILO Compact-Box M - White
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Fitted waste bin
4.0 gallons
HAILO Compact-Box M - White

$54.99* $64.99*
Hailo K100 TopLine is standing in a kitchen

HAILO Ladders

Buying a ladder is always a matter of trust. After all, anyone wanting to climb high in their home or garden (or during professional work) needs to be able to rely on quality, stability, durability, and handling. The HAILO name has stood for safety and superior workmanship since 1947. The inventor of the first aluminum household ladder offers an innovative product range, including multi-purpose aluminum ladders, A-frame ladders, heavy-duty metal ladders, non-slip platform step ladders, extension ladders, and ladder safety accessories, that deliver the right solution for every requirement and every job.

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Ladder categories

A woman is sitting on the floor of a living room, in the background is a Hailo L60 StandardLineladder
Step ladders
Hailo MK80 ComfortLine folding step is standing in a kitchen
Step stools
A man next to a house is holding a Hailo FlexLine telescopic ladder
Telescopic ladders
Stairs platform Hailo TP1 is standing on a wodden staircase
Staircase platform
A woman is sitting in an office, next to her is a Hailo Big-Box Swing XL waste bin.

HAILO Waste bins

Garbage management is an inevitable part of home and office life - why not do it in style? We’ve turned waste bins into high-end home accessories by creating a wide range of chic, resilient waste bins to suit the kitchen, home, office, and garden. We’ve designed each bin with convenience, hygiene, and durability in mind.

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Waste bin categories

2 people standing in a kitchen next to a waste bin
Free-standing waste bins
A woman is standing next to a waste bin in an open kitchen base cabinet
Built-in waste bins
A man and a woman standing in a kitchen next to a waste bin
Kitchen bins
Woman in a bath tub next to a Hailo waste bin
Bathroom bins
Waste bin is standing in a kitchen
Recycling bins
The red Hailo dot

Award-winning design

We constantly ask ourselves how we can make it safer, easier, and more convenient to work in the home and garden. As a result, we’ve created groundbreaking household equipment, including aluminum ladders, waste management systems, and odor-free bins.

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